Finally a foolproof way to do your own portraits

Finally a foolproof way to do your own portraits

With my self-portrait method & settings, you'll be able to take photos on your own, and start showing up in front of the camera. I'll walk you through my entire process so you can start getting beautiful photographs by being your very own photographer!


As a photographer who specializes in documenting motherhood and has done this professionally for over a decade now, I know first hand how difficult it is to get in the photo. I love being a photographer, and feel so honored to document these keepsake moments for clients around the world, but realized that as the years went by, I spent more and more time behind the camera, and felt guilty about missing these moments for myself.

When I finally figured out the easiest way to do it (and let me tell you, I tried EVERYTHING) I realized I was finally able to be my own dream photographer, and I'm beyond thrilled to launch this course to teach you how you can do the same. At the end of the day, I think it's so important to have this valuable skill so we can start showing up in photos too.

When was the last time you were in front of the camera?


If so, this course will be perfect for you!

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 

The truth is that I can think of so many reasons as to why it's hard to document these moments for ourselves, especially documenting portraits with us in them, and maybe you can relate to some of these too.

- I don't have a photographer
- I feel rushed and awkward
- My husband hates taking photos
- My kids don't listen when I try and take photos
- I don't like _____ about myself
- I can't afford to hire a photographer
- I'm more comfortable behind the camera
- I take plenty of photos of my kids
- I don't need photos with me in them

But here's the do.

Does this sound familiar?

These moments matter.
Your story matters.
You matter.

Here's What You Need:

Understand what settings you need to change on your camera to easily to self portraits, and nail your focus every single time + have the knowledge on why these specific settings work so incredibly well.

Use the right camera gear that makes taking photos a breeze. You'll see my exact setup and get a list of all the pieces I love to use so you can gather what you need and get started right away.

How to set up, shoot, style, and review your shots during your session to create work that you absolutely love and finally shoot your own photos, stress-free, anytime, anywhere.

Finally be able to grab your camera gear, set up your self-portrait sessions at beautiful locations, hop in front of your camera and start document the moments that matter most to you. Using a foolproof method that makes taking self-portraits so extremely easy!


I'll teach you the exact settings you need to have to take perfectly in focused self-portraits while having fun in front of your camera. You'll learn what gear you need, how to set up, shoot and edit photos you'll love. 




Getting Started

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- A message from Elena
- Getting In Front Of The Camera
- The Best Part About Taking Self-Portraits
- A Self-Portrait Video

Course breakdown:


Taking Self-Portraits

In module two I'll show you exactly how to take beautiful self-portraits using a special focusing trick and camera settings. 

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Behind The Scenes Video
- My Complete Set Up
- The Focusing Trick
- My Exact Camera Settings
- How To Use The Wireless Remote
- How To Review and Adjust
- How To Set Up Focusing - Written Instructions
- Focusing Trick Recap

Everything You Need

A quick lesson on everything you'll need to take self-portraits. I'll give you the exact links to all the items I love to use.

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Here's Everything You Need + Links
- Lenses
- iPhone Photography Bonus


Watch me shoot self portraits and how you can go about setting the scene, finding beautiful light and getting comfortable in front of the camera using posting prompts. 

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Setting the Scene
- Finding Good Light
- Posing Technique
- Posing Prompts
module five

Settings + Focusing

This is one of the key pieces of the whole course and what most people struggle with prior to taking the class. I'll show you exactly what your settings need to be in order to nail your focus while you're having fun (and moving around) in front of your camera. 

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- The Right Focusing Setting
- Shooting On Manual + My Settings


Post Processing 
In Lightroom

Watch me edit photos from the self-portrait shoot and learn some of my favorite tools and tricks using Lightroom. You'll even get some of my all time favorite presets to use!

Inside of this module I will walk you through:
- Importing & Sorting
- Mastering Lightroom: Editing Full Gallery
- Download: Sample Presets

You'll learn everything you need to know to take your own portraits

so let's get  you started!

One-time payment of $97

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“I enjoyed this class so much! It was quick, informative and so easy to follow along!”

Elena shares all her tips and tricks which is worth every penny. This class shows you everything from start to finish, is direct and to the point. I cannot wait to use this knowledge and hop in front of the camera with my family! 

by Ashley Smith

“had many "ah-ha" moments, and can't wait to do my first self-portrait session!”

I started shooting with my DSLR about a year and a half ago as a hobby and for my business as a hairstylist. I definitely need to be IN more of my photos that I create. Elena is so down to Earth and easy to understand as she explains her methods of how to accomplish this. I really enjoyed this course, had many "ah-ha" moments, and can't wait to do my first self-portrait session!

by Marie Palazzo

“I LOVED this course”

I became a photographer because I had a passion for taking photos and helping people capture special memories. I have so many beautiful photos of my children but so few with me in them so this is going to be a game changer. I'm so often reliant on the mobile 'selfie' (not particularly flattering) so I can't wait to now get some 'real' photos. Thanks Elena for keeping me inspired in my photography.

by Nikki Dunning

“Elena's advice was the complete opposite of what I've seen in other free courses!”

I'm so happy I took this course. Elena's advice was the complete opposite of what I've seen in other free courses. Her way is much simpler and easy peasy! I loved her live demonstrations to back up her advice! I also got an inside look at her holy grail equipment and how she makes everything work together for superb photography. I recommend this to anyone looking for top-notch tips and tricks with live demonstrations in real picturesque settings. The videos are to-die-for! 

by Kenya Miranda

“Wow, this course is absolutely amazing and easy to follow.”

Wow, this course is absolutely amazing and easy to follow. It has made taking my family portraits (with 3 young kids) so easy and for once... enjoyable! Thank you for this course. It has truly changed the way I photograph my family.


These moments matter.  Your story matters.

I'll say it again, because it's worth repeating;

I initially learned to do self-portraits because I wanted to document these moments with my children and show up in the photos. I then realized that I could use this same method to do even more than just family portraits. This course isn't just for mothers, or photographers. It's for anyone that wants to know how to take their own photos!

It allowed me to do my headshots, brand shoots, commercial sessions, which unlocked even more opportunities as a photographer. All I needed was my proven self-portrait method, camera gear, and ideas. 

In addition to doing my family photos, I also get to take on additional commercial shoots and work with brands I love simply by being able to shoot my commercial sessions. So if this sounds like something you want to be able to do, then I'm so glad you found my course!

So who's this course really for?
Because let me tell you, you can use this new skill in so many different ways!

you're in the right place.


If you don't feel like I went above and beyond for you in my course, then all you need to do is shoot me an email, and I'll make it right. All I ask for those who take the class is to give it a real shot. To take the class, put it to use and see just how well it will work for you. If for whatever reason you feel I didn't deliver what I promised, then I'll stand by my word and give you a full refund within the first 10 days of taking the class.

My goal is always to go above and beyond for you.

The CEO behind Modern Market, Wordsmith & the Essential Studio Manager. More than anything, I love sharing my process, resources, and knowledge with those who want to learn more from me. 

I'm Elena

Multi-passionate, Female Founder, Writer, Photographer, Mama of four, obsessed with all things business & marketing

Let's do this thing.


One-time payment of $97

get instant access

This course includes everything you need to learn how to take self-portraits.

With my self-portrait method & settings, you'll be able to take photos on your own, and start showing up in front of the camera. I'll walk you through my entire process so you can start getting beautiful photographs by being your very own photographer!

How is the class presented?

The entire class is in video format so you can easily watch what I do, and go over the process with me. I also wrote out written instructions for settings to make it easy for you to go back to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to re-watch the videos?

Absolutely! Once you're signed up for the class, you'll have access to the video and can re-watch the videos as many times as you'd like. 

You have a 100% money back guarantee; how does that work?

If you feel like I didn't deliver and go above and beyond with the course, then simply email me personally at and let me know so I can make it right.

Is this only for professional photographers?

No! This course is perfect for both professional photographers, and really anyone who's interested in learning how to do their own photos. I've taught photographers who do this full time, as well as mamas who simply want to document moments with their little ones. The course is open to all and the content is easy to understand no matter what your level of experience is.

Can't I just google how to do photos?

I'm sure you could find a lot of different methods online when it comes to doing self-portraits. It actually took me over three years to really test different things and find a way that was fool-proof and although you could easily find bits and pieces that work, it really comes down to the whole method of doing self-portraits that I cover in the course. By signing up, you'll know you'll get all the information and can easily follow these steps and get started right away with something that is proven to work. 

How can I get the most out of this class?

I put this class together as a way to share what has worked so incredibly well for me, and give you the blueprint to follow. My hope for you is that you take these lessons, learn, and then get out there and start shooting. You'll see right away that with the right settings and gear, doing self portraits is incredibly fun and easy to do!