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Choose your course, grab a nice cup of coffee and learn something new. All courses are delivered in an online video format and once you've purchased your course you'll have instant access forever. Each course is broken down into specific modules the help guide you through the course. Click onto the course to see what's covered!

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You're ready to learn directly from someone who's actually mastered what you want to learn

The beautiful thing about education, is that todays world, you can learn directly from people who had to figure it out on their own and are happy to pass on what they know. After years and years of requests I'm so excited to share my knowledge with you and even more excited to continue growing this library of online courses.


The Self-Portrait

A foolproof way to do your own portraits because you deserve to be in these photos too. With my self-portrait method & settings, you'll be able to take photos anytime, anywhere, and start showing up in front of the camera!


I'm so happy I took this course!

- Kenya M.

Elena's advice was the complete opposite of what I've seen in other free courses. Her way is much simpler and easy peasy! I loved her live demonstrations to back up her advice! I also got an inside look at her holy grail equipment and how she makes everything work together for superb photography. I recommend this to anyone looking for top-notch tips and tricks with live demonstrations in real picturesque settings. The videos are to-die-for! 

Keeping Me Inspired

- Nikki D.

I LOVED this course. I became a photographer because I had a passion for taking photos and helping people capture special memories. I have so many beautiful photos of my children but so few with me in them so this is going to be a game changer. I'm so often reliant on the mobile 'selfie' (not particularly flattering) so I can't wait to now get some 'real' photos. Thanks Elena for keeping me inspired in my photography.

I enjoyed this course so much!

- Ashley S.

It was quick, informative and so easy to follow along. Elena shares all her tips and tricks which is worth every penny. This class shows you everything from start to finish, is direct and to the point. I cannot wait to use this knowledge and hop in front of the camera with my family! 

online course

The Commercial Photography

Double (or Triple) your income with lifestyle commercial photography while collaborating with brands you love — so you can create the profit AND lifestyle you deserve.

Fun Fact: I Incorporate one-three commercial shoots into ever session I shoot!

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three commercial shoots in one!

online course

The 2021 Newborn & Maternity Retreat

Our incredible group of new (and returning!) instructors are bringing all new content to the 2021 Newborn Retreat! Get it now before it's gone!

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