Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship has always been challenging but incredibly rewarding. The precious moments with my 4 children have taught me that being present is more valuable than any business milestone.

Curious about the secret that makes it all possible?

It might surprise you.

Sixteen years ago, I embarked on the exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship with a newborn sleeping in my arms. It was a chaotic dance between naptimes and business calls, between diaper changes and client meetings. I remember feeling like a tightrope walker, balancing precariously between the demands of motherhood and the relentless drive to grow my business. 

Fast forward to today, and I’m back in a similar place, only this time, I have two more little ones filling our home with laughter and a whole lot of chaos.

Starting a business with young children was, and still is, a balancing act. In those early days, it often felt like I was being pulled in a million directions. My two older kids, now 11 and 15, were once tiny beings who needed my constant attention. 

I juggled snack time, playtimes, and sleepless nights while trying to carve out a space for my business to thrive. It wasn’t easy, but it was a journey that shaped me as both a mother and an entrepreneur.

Now, with my older ones off pursuing their passions and my two little ones keeping me on my toes, I am acutely aware of how quickly time passes. 

It feels like just yesterday I was holding my firstborn’s tiny hand, and now I’m watching her navigate life, working 40+ hours doing something she loves. These fleeting moments with my children are precious, and I cherish every second. I know that soon enough, my house will be quieter, and the demands of motherhood will shift.

In this season of life, my office time has become a rare luxury. I adore my beautiful workspace, but I’ve learned that being present with my children is far more valuable than any business milestone. The hours I spend with them, building sand castles or making up bedtime stories, are moments I will never get back. My big ideas and ambitious plans for my business might take a little longer to achieve, but that’s okay. This is what feels right for me now.

Creating a Business That Works for You

One of the most significant lessons I’ve learned over the years is the importance of setting up a business that doesn’t require me to be chained to my desk. Even while I’m at home enjoying family time or working on our historic home, my business continues to generate income. This has been the key for me, and it’s something I’m excited to share more about with others.

By setting up ads that drive traffic to my business, I’ve been able to step away from the constant grind of social media and focus more on what truly matters. 

This approach has allowed me to maintain a steady income without sacrificing those irreplaceable moments at home with my children.

The Freedom of Passive Income and Ads

The beauty of passive income and running ads is that it offers a level of freedom and flexibility that traditional business models often lack. Once you figure out how to set it up, you realize that running a successful business doesn’t have to mean working 40+ hours a week. It’s incredibly liberating, not just on a personal level but financially as well.

For me, this journey has been about finding harmony between my roles as a mother and a business owner. It’s about recognizing that my children will only be little for a short time and that being present for them is the most important thing I can do. My office might be quieter these days, and my business goals might take a bit longer to reach, but the trade-off is more than worth it.

I’m excited to share more about how I’ve managed to create a business that supports my family life rather than detracting from it. For those of you who crave making an income without sacrificing precious moments at home, know that it is possible. It’s about creating systems and strategies that allow your business to run smoothly even when you’re not there.

Setting up ads, automating processes, and focusing on passive income streams have been my secret weapons. They’ve allowed me to step back from the hustle and enjoy my life more fully. And I’m here to tell you that you can do it too. It takes effort and creativity, but the reward is a life where you can be fully present for your children while still achieving your business dreams.

Balancing business and motherhood is no easy feat, but it’s a journey filled with immense rewards. Embrace the chaos, cherish the moments, and create a business that works for you, not the other way around.

And for anyone reading this trying to balance both motherhood and entrepreneurship, Remember; your children will only be little for a short while, and the time you spend with them now will be the memories you treasure forever. Your business can grow and thrive alongside your family, and you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Here’s to finding that balance and living a life that feels right for you.

So when you feel like you’re not doing enough or growing your business as quickly as others, just know the real work you’re doing is at home. ❤️

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