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What if Your Customers Were Your Biggest Fans?

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My name is Elena and I'm a Multi-passionate, writer, wife, and mama of four. These days, I'm all about putting pen to paper, sharing the wisdom and resources I've gathered so you, too, can create something unapologetically beautiful and authentically you.

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Think about the companies that you truly enjoy shopping from. 

How do they make you FEEL? 

I know we can all immediately remember a store that treated us badly and made us feel horrible. 

That’s why in a world where businesses prioritize profits over people, caring deeply has the potential to create real change and truly set you apart. 

When you care deeply about your customers, you create a culture of trust and loyalty that can change the game for your business.

It’s not a short-sighted hyper fixation on profits that helps you win long-term customers. 

Sure, some businesses can make money with that model because what they sell is something that people use and will always need more of. 

But they don’t have raving fans.

And if you build a business where your customers feel valued and heard, they’ll come to buy from you over and over again. 

They’ll be excited to buy from you and feel good about every purchase they make. They geniuenly want to support your business and will take it one step farther and become brand advocates that will continue to bring you more business. They truly believe in who you are and what you’re creating.

So how does this look in practice? 

  • Make caring a core value. Rather than just paying lip service to the idea of caring for your customers, make it a fundamental part of your company’s mission and culture. This means prioritizing quality, responsiveness, and personalized attention in all of your interactions. And this carries over to how you treat your employees. Employees who feel taken care of will happily go above and beyond for their customers and employers.
  • Go above and beyond. It’s not enough to just meet your customers’ expectations – you need to exceed them. This might mean offering additional services or support, following up proactively, or simply taking the time to listen and understand their needs.
  • Build a community. When you care deeply about your customers, you’ll naturally build a loyal following of people who are excited to support your business and spread the word. Encourage this community by offering opportunities for engagement, feedback, and collaboration.

Ultimately, the key is to care more than anyone else in your industry. 

By prioritizing quality, personalized attention, and building a community of loyal supporters, you’ll create a business that stands out and inspires others to follow your lead. Most importantly, you’ll foster a culture that resonates with authenticity and genuine care, which, in the long run, is the most sustainable way to build and grow a business.

Now, speaking from a chapter of our own narrative, when we embarked on the journey to build a CRM for creative entrepreneurs, our compass was distinctly set towards crafting something that our clients would not just use, but love to use. A platform that would reflect their creative ethos while simplifying the operational maze they often found themselves entangled in. We were fully tuned into the symphony of needs, expectations, and aspirations that our clients carried within them. But instead of assuming we knew the rhythm, we reached out, we communicated, we collaborated.

We invited insights, concerns, and suggestions from our clients, making them an integral part of the creation process. The result? A CRM that was built with as much care, love, and attention to detail as the creative projects it was meant to manage.

Support didn’t end with the launch. It was, and continues to be, an ongoing dialogue. I recall the countless tales we’ve heard about horrendous customer service experiences from larger, faceless corporations. My husband, being the beacon of conscientious service he is, made it his quest to ensure that our support was nothing short of extraordinary. Our clients weren’t just a ticket number in a queue, they were, and are, the lifeblood of what we do.

Every concern addressed, every issue resolved, was a testament to our unwavering commitment to go above and beyond. Unlike the cold, impersonal edifice of larger corporations, we chose to build a warm, welcoming abode where our clients could knock on our virtual door at any time, assured that they’d be greeted with attentiveness, understanding, and a genuine desire to help.

Our journey reflects that profound truth: when you value people, when you take the time to listen, to understand, to respond with care and authenticity, you do more than just build a robust, reliable product. You cultivate relationships, nurture a community, and pave the way for a business ethos that’s not about transactions but about meaningful interactions.

The CRM we built isn’t just a tool; it’s a manifestation of a culture that cherishes every individual it serves, ensuring that their creative ventures thrive, while their operational hassles dissolve.

Now, as we take a moment to look back, we realize a simple but powerful truth – in business and in other areas of life, being real, connecting with others, and truly caring are not just nice thoughts. They are the real roots of lasting success and making a positive difference. The message here seems so simple: just care more. But in a world that often values profits over people, this one simple act can make a big, transformative difference.

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