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10 Reasons Introverts Make Great Entrepreneurs

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As an introvert, I often felt like I didn’t have the right personality to succeed as an entrepreneur. I’m happy to report that my skill sets as an introvert have only helped me reach new levels of success in the 10+ years of working for myself. I hope that this article helps other introvert entrepreneurs pursuing their passions realize just how powerful they are. 

While many people believe that entrepreneurship and extroversion go hand in hand, there are plenty of successful business owners who are not only introverts but thriving as entrepreneurs. In fact, studies show that certain personality traits, such as those that make up an introvert’s personality type, can actually be advantageous when running a small business.

1) They Solve Problems On Their Own

Although extroverts prefer to work with others and solve problems in groups, introverts can succeed when working solo. While it may be less enjoyable for them, an introvert’s ability to work alone (and often at their own pace) allows them to focus on tasks without distractions and tackle problems creatively. As a result, they find solutions that would have otherwise been missed by others.

2) They’re Independent Thinkers

As an introvert, you’re far more likely to go out on a limb and give your own opinion than someone who’s more socially comfortable. You’re not afraid to speak up when you don’t agree with something—and that trait can work in your favor when starting a business. Asking for advice is great, but it doesn’t give you any real-world experience in making your own decisions or asserting yourself.

3) They’re Passionate About What They Do

The idea of building a business around your passions is hugely appealing to introverts because it means they won’t have to spend their time doing something they don’t enjoy. After all, few people are motivated by money alone.

4) They’re More Likely To Listen

One of your main jobs as an entrepreneur is to listen. Be it your customers, clients, or other people within your industry—it’s important that you can effectively communicate and empathize with others. The ability to do so doesn’t always come naturally to extroverts (particularly in certain situations), but introverts tend to be natural listeners and communicators, which makes them great for listening closely and bringing their perspective into a conversation. While speaking is often viewed as a sign of leadership, listening can be just as important when it comes to making good decisions.

5)They Put Action Before Action Words

Okay, so some extroverts have a tendency to chase shiny objects. They’re constantly meeting new people and trying new things. Meanwhile, introverts love a good routine, and they don’t seek out constant stimulation. In fact, their need for stability can actually be a huge asset when starting a business because it allows them to focus without being derailed by every new fad or shiny object that passes their way.

6) They Don’t Chase Shiny Objects

Because introverts have a lower need for external stimulation, they tend to be less prone to fad-dieting and other unrealistic quick fixes. They’re also less likely to be distracted by shiny objects that will often distract an extrovert from their goals. In short, when it comes to losing weight, they stick with it.

7) They Don’t Care What Others Think Of Them

An introvert is not necessarily a loner, but they can get things done on their own if need be. They are likely to plan and work strategically so that he doesn’t have to rely on other people all that much. When it comes to working, they are more focused on the project at hand rather than being social with others. 

8) They Can Get Things Done Alone

While extroverts crave interaction, introverts can thrive as independant workers. They’re able to focus more easily and avoid distractions from those around them. This gives them an edge in getting projects done quickly and with less stress. They keep a low profile: While some extroverted entrepreneurs enjoy being in front of a crowd, others don’t care for all of that attention and actually prefer to be behind the scenes working.

9) They Won’t Leave Something Unfinished Because It’s Easier To Start Over

It takes a lot of self-discipline to get an idea off paper and into reality. This is true for any entrepreneur, but introverts tend to be highly motivated once they get an idea in their head, so it’s less likely they’ll get distracted and let their ideas fall by the wayside. Also, since they’re good at working independently and alone, they aren’t tempted to rely on colleagues or friends to help them complete a project. 

10) No One Tells Them How To Do Things

As an introvert, you often have to go off the book when it comes to extroverted coworkers. No one told you how to talk to new people, answer phones, or pitch investors, build a business or launch a new course or product, so you just made it up as you went along—and that makes you valuable. You’re comfortable with ambiguity and are excellent at making on-the-fly adjustments. And since no one told you how things are done, no one knows how they can be done better.

So if you’re a fellow introvert, realize just how powerful you are with your set of skills and personality traits and stop thinking that it’s in any way limiting you as an entrepreneur.

Yes, introverts are often misunderstood by extroverted peers, but that doesn’t make them weak or less capable. Your careful consideration of everything around you, your tendency to think deeply about things, and your thoroughness in making sure you do it right. These are powerful assets—and they’re all important qualities of being an entrepreneur. Not only that, but being an introvert is great for business owners because it forces you to be independent—another trait that leads to success. 

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I'm Elena
the founder & dreamer behind Modern Market

Just because you started a business doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. I believe that purpose fuels passion & help creative entrepreneurs with ready-to-go resources that lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth.

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