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I'm Elena!

The founder and dreamer behind Modern Market, Just because you started a business doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. I believe that purpose fuels passion & help creative entrepreneurs with ready-to-go resources that lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth.

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We’re celebrating because the new Showit website site is officially LIVE!

The process of bringing this new vision to life has been so rewarding. It’s been amazing to see everything come together so beautifully.

It’s been years of piecing together different things to get it at least a little bit how I wanted, and it feels incredible to finally have a website that is the 100% what I’ve always dreamt of having. A place for all my ideas, dreams, and resources. 

I spent months researching different platforms and decided to go with Showit Website. With showit I am using a theme from Tonic. I was completely blown away by how easy and enjoyable the whole process was. I’m working on a few articles and can’t wait to write more about the actual process of switching over and using a Tonic Theme. I’ll be sure to link those articles below when they are ready!


Too often, we underestimate how important websites truly are. How they can completely change our outlook on what’s possible within the dreams we pursue in life. It’s so much more than a website. It’s the place I get to share all the things I’m passionate in one place. While making an impact around the world.

So happy to finally share this new site with all of you. I’ll be writing a few articles on the process of switching over to a Showit.

This new launch has also allowed me to shift with my business. For those of you who have been with me from the very start know I got started as a portrait photographer who specialized in documenting motherhood. Later on, Modern Market was the place I shared resources I used to grow my creative business. Over time it’s turned more and more into a community.

A community that I’m so honored to serve.


Over the last year, I’ve done a lot of soul searching on the direction I wanted to go and knew I wanted to open the doors to more ways to serve. For years now I’ve found myself emerging in helping entrepreneurs with growing their business. I knew in my heart I wanted to continue building on to this community by including not just photographers, but all creative entrepreneurs.

My hope with this Modern Market is to continue to serve as best as I can, with the strategies and tools I’ve used to build my business from the ground up. A place I get to share my dreams, and goals while helping you with yours.

For a long time, I felt like the website platform I had was holding me back from growing my business. Now, with my new site, I truly feel like I’m no longer being held back. Instead, I feel more inspired to create than ever before.


This whole process served as a reminder that sometimes the things holding us back from building our dream business could be something as simple as our website. We put so much effort into so many aspects of our business. The marketing, the sales, social media, and all too often, our website is set up and left behind as we continue to grow throughout the years.

If your website isn’t currently living up to what you would consider your dream site, then maybe it’s time to make it happen and create a space that truly inspires you.

Today, I’m celebrating not just a new website design, but celebrating all there is to come for all of us.

If you ever have any questions about building a showit website, just leave a comment below! I’d be happy to answer them.

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I'm Elena
the founder & dreamer behind Modern Market

Just because you started a business doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. I believe that purpose fuels passion & help creative entrepreneurs with ready-to-go resources that lead to more profitable, sustainable business growth.

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