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I can’t even express how excited I am that you’re reading this. After posting on my IG stories and sharing more about my own health journey to see if others would be interested in joining me in a fun Health & Mindset Challenge, my inbox was flooded with people asking to join.

Although it’s completed unrelated to what my business Modern Market is about, I’ve realized that making my health a priority actually goes hand in hand in showing up and running my business at my very best. I know many of us have our own business and know the struggle of having to balance between life and business and how difficult it can be to make our health a priority too.

For many years I actually used it as an excuse. I thought that if I took time away from work and focused on my health, my business would suffer. I had no idea how much my unhealthy habits and mindset were actually holding me back from reaching my highest potential, and I know even now that I’m just scratching the surface.

I learned that a life where I made my health a priority made me a better mama, wife, and boss, and I’m so excited to see others start making their health a priority too. I have no doubt that they will see this bring on a positive change in their life and business.

Making healthy changes can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are two things: the right mindset and some healthy habits. By focusing on these two important areas, you’ll be able to make healthier choices without all the effort it might seem like you have to put in to do so.

After completing the 75 Hard Challenge, and losing 20 pounds, and building some new healthy habits, I decided to take the pieces that I felt made the biggest difference for me and create a new challenge. In addition to completing the 75 Hard tasks for 75 days straight, I also added a few things that really helped me stay on track. I think the 75 challenge is great for anyone to do, but there were certain things I just didn’t feel were pieces I would want to continue long-term. Taking a progress photo every day or chugging a gallon of water, for instance, weren’t my favorite part of the challenge and not something I would want to do forever haha.

However, things like making my bed in the morning and using the phrase ‘get to’ instead of ‘have to’ helped me change my overall mindset throughout the whole challenge and although those weren’t part of the challenge, I felt like these were pieces I would 100% want to continue every day.

That’s why I started this new challenge to focus on the daily tasks that helped me the most and will help jumpstart your journey towards living an overall healthier lifestyle!

Most importantly, I wanted to create a challenge that could turn into a lifestyle. Unlike the 75 hard challenge, I feel like these are the daily tasks I’d love to complete each day in my life. Although this is just a 30-day challenge, I’m working on making a new template for a 100-Day challenge. But really, this can be your new lifestyle if you you’re up for it.


I wanted to cover each daily tasks and also explain what it is and why it’s part of the challenge. You’re welcome to do the pieces you feel are most important to you and skip what you feel doesn’t serve you.

If you are ready to start the Health & Mindset Challenge then sign up below so I can email you everything you need. You can use the template to post to your IG stories and cross of each day. Or save it to your phone and make it your background image as a daily reminder of what you need to do each day.

Join me today by signing up here, and I’ll send you everything you need to get started!


This can be any workout you enjoy doing as long as you are physically active for an hour day. (Going to the gym, swimming, running, rowing, even going for a nice long walk counts). One of my favorite workouts is going on a long walk because not only was it something I really enjoyed each day, I loved having some personal quiet time to reflect on my day and unplug for a bit.


One of the important pieces of this challenge is focusing on eating healthy whole foods. I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘diet’ because it feels temporary. I want this to be a long-term lifestyle change instead of a temporary diet. Focusing on healthy whole foods was one of the biggest changes I made for my health.


I’ve never really been much of a drinker, and after doing the 75 hard challenge, I realized that I actually felt a lot better by not drinking at all. Although I would only have the occasional glass of wine, I never woke up the next day feeling my best so I figured why not just not drink at all.


This one was HUGE for me as far as my weight and mental focus went. I’ve always loved sweet things but had no idea just how much-added sugars are in everyday processed foods before doing the first challenge, which was another factor in cutting out all the processed foods (it’s really hard to find stuff that doesn’t have added sugars). Not only is sugar highly addictive, but for me, it’s always made me have a lot of moments where I felt highly energized and then would crash. It felt like it put me in a hazy fog where I just couldn’t focus, and 99% of the time, eating a lot of added sugars left me with a headache. I still love eating plenty of fruits (which have plenty of sugar), but as far as added sugar goes, I do my best to have little to no added sugars most days.


Completing a simple task first thing in the morning was my way of kickstarting my daily attitude. It only takes a quick minute, but you’ll be sure to start every day completing one daily task. I often followed this by bringing all the dirty laundry (which never ever seems to end for our family of six). Again, the point was getting something done that I typically don’t feel like doing first thing in the morning. (for the challenge, you’ll just need to make your bed).


For me, this is 100% work-related, but if you don’t have a business, you can totally do it for your daily life priorities. Running two businesses, having four kids, and homeschooling means I have to be smart with my time and focus on getting the important tasks completed each day. Every morning I write down my top 5 priorities for work. And cross them off one at a time. Get as much as you can completed, and whatever you end up having left can be transferred to the following day.


Take a moment at the end of the day to reflect on your day and the things you are thankful for.


This little thing made such a difference in my overall mindset and outlook. Try it and see just how much you’ll appreciate the things you get to do every day.

I get to work.
I get to do laundry.
I get to workout.
I get to hold my fussy baby.
I get to make dinner for a family of 6.
I get to wake up early.
I get to work from home.
I get to eat a healthy salad.
I get to water the garden.
I get to be exhausted from being a mama.
I get to do this Health & Mindset Challenge.

Realize that not everyone GETS to do these things.

Somewhere in the world would love to do the things we get to do every single day. Things we do often take for granted. And sure, it seems silly to apply it to the things no one typically loves to do, like doing laundry that never seems to end or cleaning the house just to see it end up messy again.

But even those things we get to do because we’re lucky. Lucky to have the things in our life that create all that laundry and all those messes to clean.

I’m telling ya…if you’re ready to start living a life with a little more gratitude, start using the words “get to” instead of “have to,” and I promise it will change the way you see life.


You are welcome to pause the challenge for holidays & birthdays. There’s nothing more I love than celebrating special days with my family and think it’s important to not stress over every little thing on those days. If you’re doing the challenge and want to take a day off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a special birthday it’s totally ok to hit pause for the day. Just make sure to get back on track the following day.

Are you ready to start the Health & Mindset Challenge? Grab the template below and get started. Make sure to get on the list so I can email you some important pieces to get started. You can use the template to post to your IG stories and cross of each day. Or save it to your phone and make it your background image as a daily reminder of what you need to do each day.

There’s so much more to this challenge than weight, and although that was one of the factors that got me motivated to start, it’s just a tiny fraction of what I got out of making my health a priority. Below is a before and after but there are so many things you can’t see in the image. The mental shift. The person who became someone who would get things done regardless of the kind of mood she was in. The mom who had far more energy to run around with the kids. The boss who finally felt focused while working. There are countless of things I gained from changing my habits and although I’m so happy to be back at a healthy weight (especially after having 4 kids) and feel like myself again, the number on the scales is just one little aspect of what it means to be healthy.


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