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So much has happened since my last blog post. There have been a few road bumps along the way. Our plan was to close on the house and fly over during spring break. Well, that came and went and we had to start the process of finding a buyer for our house (twice). Everything was set in place, or so we had hoped, and then on the day of closing on our house, we find out that the buyers had to cancel the contract and back out due to a not being able to get the load. (they had been pre-approved and ended up finding something that caused the loan company to deny the process any further). The DAY of closing. This sucked. Our house had been empty, we gave everything away. Our suitcases were packed and I was sitting there waiting to book our flights. 

Well, all that fell apart when they had to cancel the contract. This meant we weren’t going over spring break. We had to re-list the house and find new buyers. Which we did super quick. Bad luck struck again when they ended up not closing on their home, which they needed to do in order to buy our home and we had to start over. Again. 

After the second time we decided that it would be easier to just set a move date and rent something in Hawaii while we sell out house here to make this a little more fun for everyone, and a little less stressful.  

Living in an empty house is no fun. We have been sleeping on air mattresses for weeks, and I’ve been using one pan to cook all our meals. When I say empty, I mean empty. My kitchen is my office space because it’s the only ‘table’ we have in the house. Fancy I know. 

On the positive side of it all, we have found that we really didn’t need all that stuff we had before. There are a few things I miss having but we literally have been in an empty house for over two months now and the list is pretty short. Not having anything makes you realize what the few important things are. 

So far the only things I TRULY miss having is:

  • A bed with a normal mattress.
  • Pots and Pans (like the whole set please)
  • 4 plates, 4 cups.
  • Coffee maker.
  • A desk to work at and a comfy chair. 
  • A table + 4 chairs

That’s literally all I can think of. My house is empty and those items right there are the only ones I truly miss having. Our kids are completely fine, they don’t seem to miss any of that stuff either. If anything they seem to be more content with the fact that if we watch a little tv in the evening that they all have to crawl onto my big air mattress to cuddle up and watch it on my computer. 

We also have no problem living in a much smaller space. We have been using just using two rooms in our downstairs area and that seems like plenty for us.

We decided that end of May, after our daughter is done with the school year we will head out and continue on the process of selling our pretty farmhouse while we are in Maui. 

And as always, I’m reminded that it’s important to be able to change the plan, but never the goal. 

My goal is to get my family to Hawaii, and although everything seems so up in the air right now I know it’s a matter of changing the plan and trusting that things will work out exactly how they should.

Till next time!


I'm Elena, your


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Multi-passionate, CEO of multiple companies, mama of four, obsessed with all things business and marketing, ready to help you attract your ideal client and customer. My goal is to give you the strategies and tools to grow your business so you can save time, get real results and focus on what matters most.

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