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I'm Elena!

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More than anything, I love sharing my process, resources, and knowledge with those who want to learn more from me. 

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Flights booked ✔️
Maui home set up ✔️

15 more days till we close on our house here.
25 more days till summer break starts.
26 more days till my birthday.
28 more days till we fly to MAUI!

I have a feeling the month of May is going to be one for the books. Things are FINALLY here, and I could not be more excited to get closer to flying over to Hawaii and start our adventure there. I’m so ready to say goodbye to this empty house we’ve been living in the last few weeks and say hello to our new life in Maui.

Up until this point, it’s really felt like we have been driving blind and to avoid being super stressed we decided it would be best not to have a plan in place. Whatever happens, happens, and we would deal with it as it happens. Having our flights booked made it feel so real and now having a home set up for when we arrive makes me feel like things are finally coming together just like we were hoping.

We found the most adorable little hillside cottage overlooking the mountains in Maui that we get to call home. I’ll be taking plenty of pictures when we get there, but to give you an idea of it I’ll post some above. Some of my favorite things about the house?

  • White planked walls.
  • Beautiful wooden floors.
  • Lots of natural light. 
  • Gas stove. (I love cooking with gas stoves!)
  • A breakfast nook in the kitchen. 
  • Natural Accents.
  • Amazing Views.
  • A quick drive to the beach. 
  • It’s on a little bit of land so the kids can still be outside. (they love being outside) 

It has everything that was on our wish list, and we’re SO ready to get there with our couple suitcases (we got rid of everything else and will be traveling with whatever fits into our four suitcases) and start enjoying living on such a beautiful island.


I'm Elena, your


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Multi-passionate, CEO of multiple companies, mama of four, obsessed with all things business and marketing, ready to help you attract your ideal client and customer. My goal is to give you the strategies and tools to grow your business so you can save time, get real results and focus on what matters most.

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