A Little Look Inside Our Maui Home

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I'm Elena!

Multi-passionate, Female Founder, Writer, Photographer, Mama of four, obsessed with all things business & marketing. 

More than anything, I love sharing my process, resources, and knowledge with those who want to learn more from me. 

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After posting a photo of the kid’s room I had requested to post some more photos of our current home in Maui. We are completely in love with it. If you know me, you know my style is simple, lots of whites and natural elements so we feel right at home already. 

A few of my favorite things?

Our bed feels like we’re sleeping on a cloud ☁️
We have a gas stovetop AND a cast-iron skillet ?
No AC which means open windows all day long ?
We listen to the birds sing all day ?
Kids have an awesome hideaway.
We are 5 miles from the beach ?
5 miles from a pretty waterfall ?
Roosters wake us up in the morning ?
There’s are apples, bananas, avocado, limes outside ? ? ?
There are mango trees everywhere we drive. ?

The last few months have been a little stressful. Finally being in Maui, settled into our new home, just a quick little drive from the beach I can finally say it’s all been worth it. ❤️


I'm Elena, your


CEO friend.

Multi-passionate, CEO of multiple companies, mama of four, obsessed with all things business and marketing, ready to help you attract your ideal client and customer. My goal is to give you the strategies and tools to grow your business so you can save time, get real results and focus on what matters most.

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You might know me as the CEO behind Modern Market & Wordsmith, but more than anything, I love sharing my process, resources, and knowledge with those who want to learn more.